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Neelam Kirtikar; President of INLINES CORPORATION Mumbai, is a individual of several hidden talents. She is energetic and dynamic with fifteen years of experience in the field of Interior Decoration. She is still enthusiastic about all the projects we undertake and that is one of the key points in our success.

With a bachelor's degree in Economics and a Diploma in Interior Decoration, Neelam' s contribution to the growth of INLINES CORPORATION has been tremendous, first at its Head office in New Delhi and then in Mumbai. She commands respect in the field of interiors because of her in-depth knowledge and zeal to input new and innovative ideas.

Neelam is also an excellent dress designer and runs a unique boutique called "Bindiya". This quality of hers adds a wonderful flavor to the soft furnishings part of interior projects, be it the ordinary living room with a simple design or the most complicated interior of a large office.

The Enclosed Reference list of our appreciative Clients is an indication of Neelam's ability to envision, plan and execute projects of quality and substance.

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